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NoNameLmao is a russian OG member of dimden.plex, first joining it on 20/10/2018 19:32:24 (First member apart from dimden to join it, just 24 seconds after the server's creation).

There's an article about NoNameLmao on OWOP Wiki.

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NoNameLmao's join date/message

NoNameLmao's events [Event-Date]
Event Date
Joins dimden.plex 20th of October, 2018
Purchases DOP 22nd of October, 2018
Gets Moderator rank on dimden.plex December, 2018
Purchases CrimsonClient 9th of December, 2018
Purchases NOJS bots 25th of May, 2019
Purchases MiniBOTs 4th of June, 2019
Purchases OWOP Clock bot 18th of July, 2019
Purchases botprotectdlc.js :wat: 23rd of July, 2019
Starts using OPM 2 6th of August, 2019
Purchases MiniBOTs with proxies :illegal: 14th of October, 2019
Purchases OWOP Stopwatch bot 11th of November, 2019
Purchases Proxy maker script for MiniBOTs 16th of December, 2019
Gets access to Polybius 14th of September, 2020
Creation of this article 6th of Febuary, 2021
Getting Programmer role 29th of July 2021
Latest edit of this article 6th of August 2021


Back when the server was created, it was created as a server to sell DOP (Dimden's OWOP Pack), and NoNameLmao joined it as he was intrested in buying it (it costed 30 rubles which is ~0.5$). Back then he wasn't really that good at english, so he mainly used russian back then. Two days later he bought DOP. On the same day he uploaded his first YouTube video on his channel about how dumb ludwig is (yeah not the best one)

On 04/11/2018 he uploaded another YouTube video explaining DOP and OPM (OWOP Package Manager v1)

On 07/11/2018 he uploaded yet another low quality YouTube video about DOP's v1.2.0 update.

Fighting back Ludwig

After the server's creation, ludwig started to join it with multiple accounts, spamming stuff that I (NoNameLmao, aka me as of editing this rn) don't really want to remember anymore. (2018 was a wacky year)

The Inactive Period

Since mid-december 2018 untill late may 2019 NoNameLmao wasn't active in the server anymore. Infact, the entire server became inactive for about this period.

The 2019 School Summer Holidays

In russian education system, all schools have summer holidays that last 3 months (Basically the entire summer). During 2019 summer holidays NoNameLmao returned to dimden.plex.

The COVID-19 Lockdown

About the corona lockdown, yeah it greatly affected how active he got on dimden.plex. Like, so much. There was basically nothing to do, since schools were closed and he was home like 24/7 basically. At this point, dimden.plex was a lot more active, slowly gaining more members.

English Grammar

During the first year of being in the dimden.plex server, NoNameLmao's english grammar was just terrible honestly. But luckily, he self-educated there to the point where it went from "2018 cringe" to "2020 poggers".